Mr Dov Shafir


Dov Shafir is a retired Israeli naval officer who commanded twice the Shayetet 13 (Flotilla 13), first 1960-1965 and again during the Six Day War. Between these periods Shafir completed studies at the prestigious École Supérieure de Guerre Navale in Paris. Later Mr. Shafir became the head of the Manpower Division in the Israeli Navy. Following his service in the Israel Defense Forces in 1975, Shafir co-founded and managed STRATIS, a strategic consulting firm, with co-founder Sam Zax, a Chicago banker. The agency conducted research for Gen. Avraham Tamir that was then shared with Gen. Aharon Yariv at Tel Aviv University’s Institute for National Security Studies (then known as the Center for Strategic Studies). Shafir has also served as a board member for Teva Pharmaceutical Industries.

It was Shafir’s vision that led to the establishment of the University of Haifa’s Maritime Policy & Strategy Research Center (HMS) in 2016 and he has served on HMS’ Executive Committee since then. Shafir is currently a member of the Ashkelon Academic College’s Managerial Board and a trustee at the University of Haifa. In conjunction with Prof. Fred Tauber—then Chairman of the Board of Governors at the University of Haifa—Shafir and Prof. Tauber were the initial donors to HMS. In 2014, he became the largest benefactor for the restoration of the 5th century BCE ship found off the coast of Kibbutz Ma’agan Michael in 1985—and led by the late Prof. Yaacov Kahanov at the Department of Marine Civilization. Over the years, Shafir has funded scholarships for science students in sea-related fields, and in October 2020, made a generous $1 million gift to HMS to primarily fund scholarships for students. These students will be known as “Dov Shafir Scholars.” Funds will also be used for workshops and symposia as well as policy-oriented papers.