Senior Fellows

beny ben ariDr. Ben Ari served for 14 years in the Israeli Navy, holding command, training and staff positions. After leaving the Navy, he joined the defense industry and for 38 years held marketing and management positions at Elbit Systems, including head of the international marketing department and managing director of Elbit’s activities in Asia. He lived in Singapore for many years, accumulating vast knowledge and practical experience in the culture and business of SEA, and established long lasting relations with various organizations and persons in Singapore and other countries.

shlomo kameoDr. Shlomo Cameo joined the Haifa Research Center for Maritime Policy & Strategy early this year (2018) as a research fellow. He recently retired the IDF where he served for 17 years, holding the position of psychologist and organizational consultant of the Israeli Naval Academy. During these years, he was engaged in applied research in the field of social and behavioral sciences. His Ph.D. (Haifa University) is a longitudinal study examining the role of emotional intelligence in social adaptation, leadership performance and measures of success among Israeli naval cadets.  In general, Dr. Cameo is interested in the study of concepts and ideas and their influence on behavioral aspects of individuals and societies.

ehud eranDr. Ehud (Udi) Eiran is an Assistant Professor of International Relations, in the School of Political Science at the University of Haifa. He was the founding Co-Director (with Dr. Aviad Rubin) of the Haifa Research Center for Maritime Policy and Strategy (while in development). Dr. Eiran holds degrees in Law and Political Science from TelAviv University, Cambridge University, and Brandeis University. Eiran held research appointments at Harvard Law School, Harvard’s Kennedy School, and Brandeis University and was a lecturer in the Department of Political Science at MIT. Prior to his academic career Dr. Eiran held a number of positions in the Israeli civil service including a legal clerkship for two Attorney Generals, and as Assistant to the Prime Minister’s Foreign Policy Advisor. Eiran is interested in the spatial and temporal dimensions of international conflicts with a special emphasis on territorial and maritime strategies. He also works on negotiation, mediation, and intelligence studies. He is a retired Army Major.

Dr Avinoam IdanDr. Avinoam Idan is a geostrategist,focused on the strategic role of geography in shaping international relations. His area of interest includes the Euro-Asian subcontinent, particularly Russia, the post-Soviet space and the Chinese Belt Road Initiative. (BRI) Dr.Idan is a Non-Resident Senior Fellow wif the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute & Silk Road Studies Program, based in Washington DC. In addition, he teaches at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya,Israel (IDC). Prior to his academic work, Dr. Idan served for over thirty years in a government security agency under the Prime Minister’s Office. In dis framework he spent seven years in Moscow – first in the Israeli delegation of Interests, during the break-up of the Soviet Union, and later, following the reestablishment of diplomatic ties wif Russia, at the Israeli Embassy. He was also involved in the establishment of ties between Israel and the newly independent states in the Caucasus and Central Asia.

man no imageis a national security specialist. As a research fellow, he deals mainly with issues of naval strategy & deterrence. Ram holds a Ph.D. in International relations from The Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Nitzan feldmanNizan Feldman is an assistant professor of international relations, in the school of political science at the university of Haifa. He has published studies about the connection between political events and economic processes in leading academic journals. Formerly a post-doctoral student at the Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations and the Truman Institute at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Dr. Feldman teaches international political economy, international relations, and quantitative research methods at the Hebrew University and at Tel Aviv University.

arieh gavish26 years of experience in commanding and staff positions in the Israeli Navy (retired as a Navy Captain), including commanding on various Israeli Navy vessel types, senior managing roles of large organizations, business planning and strategy building, broad Navy Headquarter roles, internal and external partners’ management. 20 years of experience managing and leading two major ports in Israel: Ashdod Port and Haifa Port (before and after the ports’ reform 2005, respectively), which are a national strategic asset, and serve as a critical axis in Israel’s economic structure. Managing Ashdod Port along the construction of the “Eitan Port”, and while maintaining full operation of the existing port, included business and strategic management, working side by side with Israel’s Ports Authority, building partnership programs, leading complicated negotiations with labor unions, process improvement and implementing systematic working routines.Managing Haifa Port onbehalf of the Israeli Port Authority, included focusing on deep expertise in the ports’ regulation field, building and positioning a new port operation method called “Land Lord”, constructing strategies of port security and safety, loading and unloading processes, and implementing these in the operational day-to-day.

alex garson1998-2016, service at the Israeli Administration of Shipping and Ports, Ministry of Transport. The last 6 years in the capacity of Director of Shipping and Ports Inspectorate (Deputy Director General). In close professional contact with the European Maritime Agency (EMSA) and the Centre of Contingency and Response to Oil Pollution in the Mediterranean Sea (REMPEC and Italian Coast Guard). Lecturer on Dangerous Goods and Prevention of Ship-sourced pollution in national and international fora, as well as the Israeli Maritime Community. Obtained MSc at the University Of Southampton-Solent UK, in International Maritime Studies Ports and Environment. Obtained the rank of “Master Mariner Unlimited” as of 1979. Sailed and commanded ships of all types on worldwide routes for 30 years. Currently still in Command of a VL Bulk Carrier (Israel-Colombia). 19982016, Representative for  the State of Israel at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in London, taking active parts in many professional/legal debates and promoting the national interests of Israel. Military service in the Israeli Navy as commander of patrol boat in the Gulf of Suez.

oded gur lavieRear Admiral (Ret.) Oded Gour-Lavie is a Research Fellow in the Haifa Research Center for Maritime Strategy. He is the Chairman of the Dolphin Association of former submariners. He is active in several entrepreneurial projects in cyber, energy and agriculture. GourLavie recently finished a 30-year career in the IDF, and his last position was Head of Strategic Task Force after operation Protective Edge, as part of the planning directorate. He is the former Head of the Naval Operations and Doctrines Division in the Israeli Navy and former Commander of the Israeli Submarine Flotilla. received his Master’s in public administration from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, participated in the Wexner Israel Fellowship Program. He graduated Com-Laude in Electronic Engineering from the Israeli Institute of Technology – Technion, Haifa.

yoram laksRADM (Ret.) Yoram Laks Joined the Israeli Navy in 1981, graduated the Israeli Naval Academy and served in the operational field as a missile bouts commander, squadrons commander and Intelligence posts. Served as the Head of the Naval Academy, Commanding Officer of the Ashdod Naval Arena, Naval attaché in Washington DC and as the Head of the Israeli Naval Intelligence. Yoram earned a B.A. in Economics and Management at the University of Haifa, Graduated the US Naval Command College and own MBA degree from Salve Regine University, Newport, Rhode Island. From 2016 Research Fellow in Research Center for Maritime Policy and Strategy, University of Haifa.

israel leshemIsrael Leshem is an adviser in the Haifa Research Center for Maritime Policy & Strategy. He is Senior Lecturer in the project of the naval cadet’s course in the University of Haifa. Dr. Leshem served for 31 years in the navy & I.D.F. His last position was General Comptroller for the I.D.F in the office of the General Controller for the Ministry of Defence. He is former Commander of the Israeli Submarine Flotilla and representative of the navy in the committee for Peace with Egypt. Received his M.A. in American History from Tel Aviv University and Ph.D. Cum Laude from the University of Haifa. Director of the Galilee District in the Clalit Health Services and Director in the Municipality of Kiryat Tivon. Senior Lecturer in the Galilee Management Institute. Published the book “Black Sea – White Horison” about the discrimination in the U.S. navy in W.W.II. Helped Herman Wouk translating his book – “War and Remembrance”.

ilay rettigDoctoral Fellow at the International Relations Department in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is also a researcher at the Maritime Policy and Strategy Research Center and at the Chaikin Chair of Geostrategy in the University of Haifa. Prior to these appointments, he was a Visiting Scholar in the Institute for Security and Conflict Studies (ISCS) at George Washington University, and a Neubauer Fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) in Tel Aviv University. His research focuses on patterns of conflict and cooperation over shared energy resources and environmental threats.

arieh ronaRear Admiral (Ret.) Dr. Arieh Rona received his Ph.D. in History from Bar Ilan University and is a Research Fellow in the Haifa Research Center for Maritime Strategy. Dr. Rona served for 31 years in the Israeli navy, holding many sea command and staff positions. Among them Commander of an Israeli Naval Flotilla, Head of Naval Intelligence and IDF Attaché in Italy. After retiring from the Navy Dr. Rona held the position as Head of the Colleges Department in the Ministry of Education and between the years 1994 – 2009 he was the Head of the Administration of Shipping and Ports in the Ministry of Transportation.

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Dr. (Adv.) Benny Spanier is a Research Fellow at the Maritime Policy & Strategy Research Center. He holds a Ph. D. in law from the University of Haifa. He is interesting and researching international public law and maritime international law, with an emphasis on international tribunals. Within the framework of the Center, he has published number of articles and researches relating to Israel's maritime boundaries in terms of the law of the sea. He was a visiting lecturer at Syracuse University School of Law in the United States.

eitan yehudaEitan Yehuda is the CTO and Director of Business Development in the E-Med (Mediterranean Basin) region for Hitachi Data Systems (HDS). Yehuda was head of the Computer Infrastructure Branch in the Navy and following that served as the head of the Basic Infrastructure Branch in the Center for Computing and Information Systems. Before joining HDS, he was CTO and Director of the Infrastructure and Business Continuity Department at Isracard. Eitan holds a first degree in Computer Science and Statistics from University of Haifa, a second degree in Statistics (specialization in Applied Statistics) from University of Haifa and an MBA from Derby University.


Rear Admiral(Res.) Ido Ben-Moshe is former Head of Naval Operation of the Israel Defense Forces. He served in Israel’s Navy for more than 3 decades, in leading positions. Ben-Moshe received his master's degree in Social Science from the University of Haifa and a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the Inter Disciplinary Center in Herzliya. Ben-Moshe also Graduated the Israeli National Security College.

yussi a

Yosef retired from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as Rear Admiral in the Israeli Navy following 36 years of service in numerous positions. In his last position in the Israeli Navy, Yosef served as the Navy’s Head of

Technology, Logistics, and Materiel Command, Prior to his recent Navy leadership role, Yosef served as the Commanding Officer of the Israeli Naval Shipyard. Beforehand, he served in the Navy’s Headquarters as Head of the Planning, Maintenance & Logistics Department. Yosef received a Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, and an

Executive MBA from the Graduate School of Business Administration at Tel Aviv University. He holds an additional Master’s degree in Political Science and National Security Studies from University of Haifa. He is a graduate of Israel’s Naval Academy as well as Israel’s National Defense College.


oren sh

Orin is a corporate and commercial attorney, and has been active in the energy and high-tech industries for over fifteen years. As part of his expertise, Orin has worked on offshore oil & gas projects in Israel, and has focused on the development of offshore infrastructure. Orin writes, researches and lectures periodically as part of the M.A Program on National Security and Maritime Strategy offered by the School of Political Sciences at the University of Haifa, in collaboration with the Maritime Policy & Strategy Research Center (HMS). During his career, Orin has acted as in-house counsel for an offshore oil & gas consulting firm, and as a tech-lawyer at law firms. Orin holds an M.B.A from the Technion, an LL.M. from Boston University in the USA and an LL.B & BA from the Interdisciplinary Center. Orin is admitted to practice law in the State of Israel and the State of New-York.