Senior Fellows

Captain Navy (Ret.) Arie Gavish (Gambash)

arieh gavish26 years of experience in commanding and staff positions in the Israeli Navy (retired as a Navy Captain), including commanding on various Israeli Navy vessel types, senior managing roles of large organizations, business planning and strategy building, broad Navy Headquarter roles, internal and external partners’ management. 20 years of experience managing and leading two major ports in Israel: Ashdod Port and Haifa Port (before and after the ports’ reform 2005, respectively), which are a national strategic asset, and serve as a critical axis in Israel’s economic structure. Managing Ashdod Port along the construction of the “Eitan Port”, and while maintaining full operation of the existing port, included business and strategic management, working side by side with Israel’s Ports Authority, building partnership programs, leading complicated negotiations with labor unions, process improvement and implementing systematic working routines.Managing Haifa Port onbehalf of the Israeli Port Authority, included focusing on deep expertise in the ports’ regulation field, building and positioning a new port operation method called “Land Lord”, constructing strategies of port security and safety, loading and unloading processes, and implementing these in the operational day-to-day.