Senior Fellows

Adv. Orin Shefler

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Orin is a corporate and commercial attorney, and has been active in the energy and high-tech industries for over fifteen years. As part of his expertise, Orin has worked on offshore oil & gas projects in Israel, and has focused on the development of offshore infrastructure. Orin writes, researches and lectures periodically as part of the M.A Program on National Security and Maritime Strategy offered by the School of Political Sciences at the University of Haifa, in collaboration with the Maritime Policy & Strategy Research Center (HMS). During his career, Orin has acted as in-house counsel for an offshore oil & gas consulting firm, and as a tech-lawyer at law firms. Orin holds an M.B.A from the Technion, an LL.M. from Boston University in the USA and an LL.B & BA from the Interdisciplinary Center. Orin is admitted to practice law in the State of Israel and the State of New-York.