About HMS

It is hard to overstate the importance of the maritime domain to Israel: Israel is an "Economic island", since the majority of its exports and imports are made through the sea, its unique geo-strategic position in the Eastern Mediterranean to the shores of both the Mediterranean sea and the Red Sea; The rate of the high population residing on its costal strip of the Mediterranean; Discovering natural gas deposits in Israel's economic waters; Israel's absolute dependence on sea trade (import and export); The sea as the engine of economic growth (blue economy), the increasing rate of water desalinated from the sea in the overall Israeli water consumption; As well as the sea as a only area available for new infrastructures and the removal of dangerous infrastructures from population areas. All of these create challenges and opportunities in the maritime field.

As part of the importance of the maritime domain for Israel as well as the leading position of the University of Haifa in the academic research in this field-  the Maritime Policy and Strategy  Research Center (HMS) was founded in 2016 at the University of Haifa.

HMS vision is to be an academic knowledge center in its fields, to be a leading and unique thinktank, both in Israel as well as internationally, in the field of greater maritime strategy with an emphasis on the eastern Mediterranean and the Red Sea.  HMS mission is to promotes and performs inter-disciplinary policy research. The research areas have been defined as developing knowledge about greater maritime strategy, regional security and foreign policy, movement of goods, people, ideas, Maritime law and cyber-maritime, energy and the maritime environment.